6 soft skills that will land you a job

Soft skills are an integral part of your personality. These skills cannot be measured but can be learnt while on or off the job. Various personality development classes impart training on development of soft skills. In this article, we are identifying those ‘softies’ that will help land you a job. Communication skills- Communication does not [...]


What is personality and why it matters

Every day we see people work, talk and behave in a certain way. After observing them, we then decide about their personalities. We define so and so as an extrovert, ABC as an introvert and XYZ as a meek person. Basically, we are all the time tagging them and slotting them. Based on these tags, [...]

Personality Development

Characteristics of a good professional development course

Developing one’s personality is an ongoing task. It is always work in progress. To change one’s attitudes and behaviours, one must try to register in one of the, many personality development classes in the city. This article will help you choose the right course after enumerating several characteristics of a good training course. Is the [...]


Some perspectives on personality development

Personality development is defined as the process that improves the way we interact with others. A positive change in our interaction helps in our decision making. There are various facets of personality change and development. While there are various personality development classes that offer help in changing our attitudes and behaviour, this article will share [...]

Inherited or Acquired Personality

Why is personality development important?

Personality development is important for every individual, whether he or she is working or not. If you have a good and strong personality, then you will be able to carry your point across and get your work done in every aspect of life. All great leaders have strong personalities. If you want to evolve into [...]


Why you need superiority in soft skills to excel in your corporate life?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working in an MNC or a freelancer, there are some basic skills that you need to develop in your psyche to achieve success in this cut-throat competition. These skills are mandatory to have in you to ensure that you can tackle difficult situations and scenarios with patience, determination and [...]

4 Tips To Make Yourself Employable In The Highly Competitive Job Market

The number of students graduating each year is increasing. Sadly, the number of employment opportunities is not keeping up with that rate. Thus, the gap between skilled people and employment opportunities is increasing. This, in turn, is giving rise to fierce competition. The question that emerges at this point is what are the ways that [...]