6 soft skills that will land you a job

Soft skills are an integral part of your personality. These skills cannot be measured but can be learnt while on or off the job. Various personality development classes impart training on development of soft skills. In this article, we are identifying those ‘softies’ that will help land you a job. Communication skills- Communication does not [...]


What is personality and why it matters

Every day we see people work, talk and behave in a certain way. After observing them, we then decide about their personalities. We define so and so as an extrovert, ABC as an introvert and XYZ as a meek person. Basically, we are all the time tagging them and slotting them. Based on these tags, [...]


Improving your Presentation skills is indeed crucial

To excel in the corporate world, you need to have some basic skills in you. For example, good communication and negotiation skills will work wonders for you unquestionably and you need to hone these talents to conquer the ladders of success in a short period of time. One such skill that mostly ignored by corporate [...]