6 soft skills that will land you a job

Soft skills are an integral part of your personality. These skills cannot be measured but can be learnt while on or off the job. Various personality development classes impart training on development of soft skills. In this article, we are identifying those ‘softies’ that will help land you a job. Communication skills- Communication does not … Continue reading 6 soft skills that will land you a job


A brief overview about soft skills

You would have read the term ‘soft skills’ many a times. Do you know what does this term mean? Soft skills are those techniques and skills that are not objective in nature. These skills are not visible and cannot be measured. However, for your overall personality development, soft skills are a necessary part of your … Continue reading A brief overview about soft skills

Personality Development

Characteristics of a good professional development course

Developing one’s personality is an ongoing task. It is always work in progress. To change one’s attitudes and behaviours, one must try to register in one of the, many personality development classes in the city. This article will help you choose the right course after enumerating several characteristics of a good training course. Is the … Continue reading Characteristics of a good professional development course


Some perspectives on personality development

Personality development is defined as the process that improves the way we interact with others. A positive change in our interaction helps in our decision making. There are various facets of personality change and development. While there are various personality development classes that offer help in changing our attitudes and behaviour, this article will share … Continue reading Some perspectives on personality development

Inherited or Acquired Personality

Why is personality development important?

Personality development is important for every individual, whether he or she is working or not. If you have a good and strong personality, then you will be able to carry your point across and get your work done in every aspect of life. All great leaders have strong personalities. If you want to evolve into … Continue reading Why is personality development important?

How Personality Development Classes can Help You?

It is very important to have a good personality. This doesn’t only relate with your appearance. When it comes to personality, there are lots of things that matter and the good news is that one can always develop their personality for professional or social achievements. If you think that you lack confidence due to your … Continue reading How Personality Development Classes can Help You?

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Some exclusive tips for personality development

You must have heard thousand times from your mentors, teachers and friends about personality development and how it is beneficial for the life. However, the problem is that generally people misinterpret personality development as having branded clothes, shining shoes, good gadgets, perfectly combed hairs and all these mere apparel traits, but it is not the … Continue reading Some exclusive tips for personality development