A brief overview about soft skills

You would have read the term ‘soft skills’ many a times. Do you know what does this term mean? Soft skills are those techniques and skills that are not objective in nature. These skills are not visible and cannot be measured. However, for your overall personality development, soft skills are a necessary part of your armoury.

The three main attributes of a soft skill are:

No black and white rules- Any soft skill development course trainer will tell you that there are no fixed rules for mastering soft skills. Mastery of these skills is dependent on your emotional state, external circumstances and the kind of people that you interact with.

Portable and valuable-These skills are necessary for your career and inter-personal effectiveness. They are valuable for your personal growth but at the same time are portable also. This means that when you switch organizations, you carry these skills with you.

Ongoing process- Even if you do not possess these skills or lack in them, do not worry. You can join a personality development course online and learn these skills on a regular basis. Once you have gained a few soft skills like empathy, good humour, politeness, and gratitude, you can build upon them by regular practice. In this context, you must be aware that soft skills do not just mean people skills; they also comprise tools and techniques of self management. Often we take ourselves for granted, but it is essential that we learn how to speak with ourselves and learn to understand ourselves better.


A good course for personality development focuses not just on interpersonal skills but also on self-management. Unfortunately, personality development today is synonymous with how people should work and speak in the company of people. One must always contemplate on ways to become a better human being, a better worker, manager or a leader.

Some key soft skills to be adopted-

Many personality development classes teach the following areas for self- development;

Growth mindset- Growth should be on the mind of everyone who wants to develop. If you want to become a leader, then you must be aware of your areas of weakness and try to improve upon them.



Self awareness- Unless you are aware about what drives you, angers you, frustrates you or makes you happy, you won’t be able to develop as an individual. Try to be aware of your-self.

Soft skills added to a great personality can work out wonders for a man o a woman. It is a learning process which requires constant awareness and dedication towards self improvement.


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